Miss Twiggly's Tree

Two years ago I did a post on my favorite books. At the top of the list was "Miss Twiggly's Tree" by Dorothea Warren Fox. It was , and remains, a favorite story. I have to admit hardly a rainy day goes by without thinking about this beautiful story of community and kindness and forgiveness.

The book was first published in 1966. It was inspired by a weeping willow in Dorothea's backyard that had a treehouse in it. The tree house was built by her son Bob and his friends, complete with a rope swing. On a sunny afternoon, when her children had all returned to school and the treehouse stood quiet in the willow, she saw a man walking toward the treehouse. It was her neighbor, Francis Chapleau. He walked about and inspected the tree house. When he saw the rope swing he stopped and climbed on and started to swing, with his pipe hanging from his mouth. It made her laugh and the first words of the story came to her mind:

Funny Miss Twiggly

Lived in a tree

With a dog named Puss

And a color TV.

I read that story over and over until I could recite it without the words. I loved the illustrations. I loved the bears and Puss. I suppose as a very young person the message of the story escaped me but as an adult I hear it loud and clear.

Right now it is one of those stories that is relevant and calming. I wanted to share it so I made a recording of the story. I am the narrator, and not a professional but I thought maybe some parents out there with young children might like to have someone else read a fabulous bedtime story.

I hope you enjoy Miss Twiggly as much as I have!


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